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SD2IEC LCD + RTC - SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 C128 C16

SD2IEC LCD + RTC - SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 C128 C16

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The SD2IEC is a SD card reader designed for Commodore computers.
It is compatible with: Commodore 64, C64C, C128, C128D, VIC-20, C16, C116, PLUS4, and SX64.
It allows for reading and writing of files: *.D64, *.D71, *.D81, *.PRG, and *.P00.
It supports SD cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.
This version of SD2IEC comes with a display and a real-time clock (RTC).

SD2IEC supports:

  • Turbo Disk / Fast Load / Speeddisk;
  • JiffyDOS;
  • Final Cartridge 3 – fastloader/fastsaver;
  • DreamLoad;
  • Exos;
  • GEOS;
  • C64 OS.
LCD display:
  • SD2IEC firmware version;
  • drive number (changed by a switch on the back of the case);
  • name of the directory;
  • name of the loaded file/disk image.

The display is particularly useful for multi-disk games and programs, and information about the name of the currently loaded disk image significantly facilitates the use of the computer.

The real-time clock allows programs, e.g., C64 OS, to display the current time.
Time can also be displayed with a BASIC command, allowing for the implementation of RTC in your programs.
Additionally, files saved on the SD card have the correct creation date.

This set includes:

  • SD2IEC;
  • SERIAL cable approximately 100 cm in length;
  • USB power cord;
  • TAPE/USB power adapter for C64, C128, and VIC-20.
  • prepared SD card.
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